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Bakerloo Line pull in at Hireaband

Twenty two years ago I auditioned to sing with Bakerloo Line.  I still remember the audition song - Adamski's "Killer". Because the band have always had very high standards, I didn't make it. I've held a grudge ever since!

Twenty two years later and the band is still going strong - don't worry, the line up has changed since then but the standards haven't slipped a bit.  In fact they're still recognised as the must have band for Ayrshire and west of Scotland weddings and party nights.

This gives me a dilemma. As the boss at Hireaband, I have the last say in who we add to the roster (if it's OK with my fellow Director and good lady wife Lisa of course) so I could easily get my revenge and turn the band down for representation.  The problem is they're so damn good and such nice blokes that I'd be nuts to do that. This is a band that books itself, plus they really add to our reputation for having the best bands in the UK.

So despite breaking an aspiring young man's heart (cue sad X Factor music) I've had to accept the inevitable and sign this band up - Och who am I kidding, we begged them to join us!

What doesn't seem to have changed much in 22 years is the bands price. They don't seem to have noticed that bands of this standard are usually well over a grand. So that's my sneaky way of getting my own back.  I'm not telling them they're too cheap, tee hee. How do you like them apples Bakerloo Line?

Click on the bands image below to be taken to their page for demos and photos.  You can contact them from there too, just don't tell them that I mentioned their fee.

Bakerloo Line

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