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Scottish Rain, the ultimate Scottish Tribute Act

There's no doubting the popularity of tribute acts. The best shows give you an accurate sounding and familiar looking performance that really can capture the imagination.

The top acts can even help you suspend belief for a short while and give you that buzz that you normally only get at the original show.

Indeed some tribute acts have become so popular that they end up with a loyal following in their own right. We have an Elvis tribute who gets mobbed by his "fans" whenever he performs in public (Robbie West - This is Elvis)  Now, Robbie is aided by the fact that the real Elvis would now be incredibly hard to book :-) but you get the idea.

Our Paolo Nutini tribute - Paolo Martini - gets a similar response, and boy does he love it.

But what if you're not a fan of the particular tribute that happens to be on in the venue that night? What if 90 minutes of Abba is just too much? The answer is the multi tribute show.  This is where an act performs the music of more than one celebrity.  And the don't come much more varied than our latest find, Scottish Rain.

Scottish Rain

This is a band who perform a tribute to a genre rather than a specific act. That means that if you're not a fan of say The Proclaimers, you only have to wait five minutes and you may hear a song by Simple MInds, Aztec Camera or even the glorious Annie Lennox.

Scottish Rain don't try and sound exactly like the bands whose songs they cover, nor do they try and look like them. So in that sense their tribute may seem unusual.  But with songs like this and the recognition they give to the long list of brilliant (and not so brilliant) Scottish bands and singers you'll find yourself caught up in the moment and singing along in no time.

So watch out for Scottish Rain. There's something for everyone, no mad tartan on display (well not much) and no rubbish ginger wigs - just great songs from great bands played err....great!

Scottish Rain


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